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Se videoklipp från en brittiska gruppen som samlar bevis på att andevärlden existerar

I byn Scole i Norfolk, England, har en liten grupp människor under åratal suttit i utvecklingscirkel och fått fram fysiska bevis på att livet fortsätter efter den fysiska döden. Det finns flera böcker om The Scole-project och filmklipp.

Från The Afterlife Report:
Scole is a village in Norfolk, England. There a small group of people, Robin and Sandra Foy, and physical mediums Alan and Diana Bennett, produced brilliant evidence for the afterlife. They also conducted other experiments in England, the United States, Ireland, Spain and Italy. During the six years of the Scole experiments. the top afterlife scientists in the UK, Europe and America witnessed amazing physical mediumship.

In the United States sessions were also attended by scientists including several senior scientists from the space agency NASA and others from the Institute of Noetic Sciences near San Francisco as well as representatives from Stanford University.

The spirit team in charge of the Scole experiment made it clear that the aim of the 1,000 hours of sittings was to produce physical paranormal phenomena suitable for public demonstrations to prove once and for all the reality of life after death. The short 6-minute video below gives an excellent overview of the evidence produced.

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